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Please note that this page is not updated regularly.

It is always a dilemma when it comes to show sample patterns.  Users generally think it is quite personal as they have tweaked and tuned the G.P.F. onto their favorite stocks.  Additionally, the Q&A page clearly shows the versatility of the G.P.F. using the variety of parameters offered.  So the following Microsoft Excel'97 / Excel '2000 spreadsheets can only show sample patterns, as saved by the G.P.F.  Reading these files won't show that the G.P.F. actually stores the best patterns (up to 10 by default).  Only the best one will be there displayed. 

Secondly, it is not possible here to show the GPF pattern tested on out-of-sample data.  These files are only output files and cannot show all optimization details.  Ultimately, the best way is  to download the G.P.F. and try it for yourself!

The provided files below are only there for demonstration purposes. The Cisco file is commented, the others are not.  These demo files contain patterns that have optimized at the end of 1999. Current market volatility may have made the included patterns obsolete.  The forthcoming WebGPF service will provide current signals updated daily on this site.  Check the GPF News page for details.

The IBM Pattern below has been added in November 2000.

Long patterns:

IBM IF H[3] > L[2] AND C[6] > C[2] AND StoK(4)<85 AND StoK(4)>65 THEN FitnessCondition = True;
Cisco (CSCO) IF H[5] > L[7] AND L[7] <= O[6] AND StoK(2)<60 AND StoK(2)>40 
THEN FitnessCondition = True
;;    *
Apple (AAPL)   IF O[1] <= H[0] AND C[1] <= H[4] 
THEN FitnessCondition= True;   
Intel (INTC)   IF C[1] <= O[2] AND L[0] <= C[5] AND C[4] <= H[3] 
THEN FitnessCondition = True; 
SP500   IF O[5] > L[4] AND C[3] > O[1] 
THEN FitnessCondition= True;   *

The SP500 being an index, patterns may be somewhat smoothed out by the averaging effect.  Yet, this can give good indicators in inter-market systems.

Again, the above demo patterns have been optimized with parameters which may not be relevant to you.  Please download the sample files for more details.

Please bear with us...  The following is under construction...

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