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System Requirements

    This version of the G.P.F. runs as a Microsoft Excel '97, 2000 or 2003 Add-In, so Microsoft Excel is of course needed.  It can be used with Windows 9X, Windows NT, 2K, XP and Vista.

Once installed, it is readily available from the Tools menu.  If the G.P.F. is no longer needed, ticking it off the add-ins list releases it and saves some memory space at start-up.  It may be be loaded again at any time, simply by selecting it again on the Add-Ins list.

-    As much processing speed, and as much RAM as possible. 
It will however run fine on a low-end Pentium II or III with 64 MB Ram.  Being very demanding, it may disturb real time data feeds, especially on single processor motherboards.  In such case, installing on a separate PC, or upgrading to a dual-proc motherboard may be recommended.

Thanks to the power of genetic algorithms, an average optimization (up to 2000 quotes) should take less than a few minutes.  The G.P.F. is however extremely computing intensive, and a real time version is certainly not an option at this stage. It is even recommended to close all other programs while running the GPF.

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